AZ-Charitable-Tax-Credittax credit

Gifts to United Food Bank qualify for  valuable Arizona Charitable Tax Credits  (formerly the Working Poor Tax Credit), up to $200 per individual and $400 for couples filing a joint income tax  return in the State of Arizona.


Charitable Tax Credits differ from tax deductions because they are fully  tax-refundable. They will either reduce  the total Arizona state income tax you  owe or increase the state income tax  refund you receive, dollar-for-dollar when you file your taxes.

Your net out-of-pocket cost is ZERO… but your gift must be made by December 31, 2015.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credits cost you nothing … but they mean everything!

If the total tax credit earned is greater than  the total tax owed, the unused credit can  be applied to future Arizona state tax  returns for up to five years. And, you do  not need to file an itemized tax-return  to claim this valuable credit.

You can earn Arizona Charitable Tax Credits even if you have claim other state tax credits, such as the Private School Tuition Tax Credit  (ARS 43-1089) and the Public School After- School Tax Credit (ARS 43-1089.01).

Consult your financial advisor or tax preparer how you can put  your tax dollars to work in this  truly meaningful way.





For more information from the Arizona Department of Revenue, please click here.