Family Pantry Paperwork


United Food Bank has been awarded a grant by the Department of Economic Security to implement PantryTrak with its community partners, as well as train other Food Banks across Arizona on using PantryTrak to understand and fight hunger through better information and a deeper understanding of the people we serve. 

PantryTrak is a combined Registration & Reporting System designed specifically for use in Food Pantries, Mobile Pantries, and other emergency feeding sites.

The primary goal of PantryTrak is to help fight hunger by allowing Pantry Staff and Volunteers to maximize service to their clients by: 

• Minimizing administrative duties and improving reporting accuracy. Including a move toward completely paperless transactions and reporting.

• Simplifying the registration and “check-in” processes to make is easier for the pantry team, and more streamlined and dignified for the families being served.

• Linking Volunteers, Donors, Suppliers, and Food Banks directly to the needs of the clients being served.

Food Pantries will benefit from the accurate and timely reporting.

They can use this information to:

– Better understand the client needs in real-time.

– Develop a true un-duplicated (unique/different) count of hungry families/persons in given service area.

– Get more food by informing policy makers and donors about the specific needs in each community.

Client Information:

FAMILIES – basic family (household) information includes:

– Name, address, phone number, cell number, birthday or age for the “Head of Household”

– Names, birthday or age for all other members of the household


• Where and when the family has been served at a food pantry

• What basic level of emergency feeding service did they receive

• Changes to family size / makeup are tracked over time

• Frequency of service and true un-duplicated counts will be available at different reporting levels

  • Geographic – Zip code, , City, County, State
  • Operational – Food Bank, Agency
  • Custom – Zip clusters, Agency clusters, Foodbank clusters


PantryTrak Forms

PantryTrak Intake Form – Full

PT Desktop Aid

Using Data to End Hunger