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food pantry      Interested in becoming a Partner Agency?

United Food Bank collaborates with a network of more than 200 organizations to distribute food to hungry people in the greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona. If you are interested in a partnership with United Food Bank, please read our eligibility criteria below or contact the Agency Relations by filling out the form below. United Food Bank is an equal opportunity provider and all its partner agencies must adhere to strict nondiscrimination guidelines. You can read the nondisclosure statement here. 


UFB_area_map To become a United Food Bank partner agency, your agency must have a non-residential physical distribution site within our designated service area (shown to the right).

Your agency needs to be operating in good standing for a minimum of 6 months in a nonresidential facility and have onsite necessary equipment to facilitate proper food storage and handling.

Other requirements include:

-Be IRS certified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or faith-based equivalent
-Have and maintain any and all pertinent business licensing appropriate for your city, county, or state.
-Meet and maintain any and all necessary health and safety requirements designated by your city, county, or state.

We invite you to attend an introductory visit at United Food Bank to familiarize you with our facility and operations. At that time, we can discuss the agency partnership, process and responsibilities involved in being a partner agency. We will provide an application and conduct a site visit to your agency to review and determine what food programs might be applicable to your agency and goals.

New Agency Information Request

If your agency meets the eligibility requirements and would like to partner with United Food Bank, please submit a new agency information request below:

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