Hey Kids,

Has your stomach ever growled because you were hungry? A quick sandwich fixed that right up, didn’t it? But for some kids, who may not be as lucky as you, they may not have a sandwich to eat. They may not have anything to eat. It makes us sad to hear that. Kids everywhere should have the chance for a nice meal, right?

That’s why we started the LUNCH BUNCH!

United Food Bank’s Lunch Bunch was started so kids like you can help other kids that might not have enough to eat.

Helping is EASY – and it’s FUN!

Joining the Kids Lunch Bunch is easy! Throughout the year we work with local kid-friendly business to hold Peanut Butter and Jelly Drives. When we do, all you have to do is drop off a jar of peanut butter or jelly to these locations. Each location will give you a token of appreciation like a coupon or discount when you drop off your jar!

And that’s it– then you are in the United Food Bank Lunch Bunch – but here’s where the REAL fun begins!

Once you’re a member of the Lunch Bunch, we will send you a colorful certificate for you to hang on the wall. You’ll also receive an email from us every few months that will talk about what kids just like you are doing to help fight hunger. There are also easy recipes that are yummy and good for you, too! Plus, a few times a year, we have free events for our Lunch Bunch members that you will be invited to.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ask your mom or dad what you can do to join the United Food Bank Lunch Bunch!