Money Giving Tree



What will be your legacy? Your compassion and generosity toward the United Food Bank can help others recall the impact you had on their lives and those you helped. Consider the long-lasting effects of an estate plan that provides for your loved ones and provides resources to continue your fight against hunger. Your parting gift can be a declaration of your values and may remind others to do the same.

There are a variety of ways to make a lasting gift to the United Food Bank. Please discuss any and all options with your legal advisor or tax advisor.

Bequest – Everyone should have a will. Naming the United Food Bank as a beneficiary is an easy way to continue your support. A bequest of a specific amount of cash, stock or property or a bequest of a percentage of your estate will have a long-lasting impact.
Life Insurance – Help continue the fight against hunger in Arizona by naming the United Food Bank as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Retirement Assets – Retirement assets are subject to income tax upon distribution to you or to individuals named as your beneficiaries. Charitable organizations such as the United Food Bank do not incur that tax burden when named beneficiary.
United Food Bank will be happy to answer any questions you have concerning estate gifts. Please contact our Resource Development Department at 480-398-4442 or

If you have already included United Food Bank in your estate plan, we would love to know about it! That knowledge allows us to be more strategic when planning for the future of the United Food Bank. All information is confidential. Please complete and return the Statement of Testamentary Provision to:
United Food Bank, Planned Giving, 245 South Nina Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210.