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By Lisa from Gilbert

As a parent we naturally want what is best for our children.  Not only do we want to provide for their needs we want to be able to provide them their wants as well.  We want them to be happy and have a good, fun, healthy life.   Often times trying to provide these things becomes a struggle and our children do not always understand why they cannot have the latest item of choice.  They do not understand that mom or dad cannot pay the rent, the utilities, buy new school clothes or pay for their school lunch or even buy food to have at home.  Sadly this is a struggle that I have personally had to deal with and sometime still struggle with.  This is one of the many reasons I have involved my youngest son in volunteer activities at United Food Bank and other charity organizations.  Getting him involved serves a dual purpose; getting his philanthropic desire embedded in him and showing him that even though we may not have a lot we have so much more than so many others.  My son is very proud to be able to say that he helps feed hungry people.  Not only does he volunteer he donates money when he can, it may not be much. However when he donates his $5.00 here and there it makes him feel good.  He also has talked to me about starting his own “program,” in which he would collect blankets, pillows and stuffed animals so that he can make bundles of each for homeless children.  He feels that if a child has a stuffed animal it will make them feel better because they will have something of their own they can hold.  Seeing and hearing things like this from my child truly warms my heart and I hope that this lives in him throughout his life.

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