10,000 Meals Club

Join United Food Bank’s 10,000 Meals Club!

Becoming a member is easy– simply get your group to host a food drive and collect the equivalent of 10,000 meals in cash, food, or a combination of both. Click here for information about hosting a food drive.

This is our formula for calculating meals, just to give you an idea:

$1 = 4.5 meals
1.3 pounds of food donated= 1 meal

We’ll thank you with a trophy you can proudly display and we will also post your photo (for one year) right here on our website!

See our current members below:








37,697 Pounds= 28,997 meals!








The Town of Gilbert
1,910 pounds + $5,244 = 33,523 meals!




Valley Association of Leisure Service  Directors
5,793 Pounds + $3,107.00 = 18,438 meals!