September 12, 2016 Jeff Bender

Chickens for the Holidays

United Food Bank has purchased chickens rather than turkeys for the holidays.  The decision was based purely on economics – the cost of whole chickens were cheaper than turkeys.  We’re getting a lot more food for our money, which means we’re able to provide more holiday meals for more families. 

We’re still proceeding with our annual turkey drive.  We’ll have turkeys available in some quantities for Christmas, but I won’t know what this will look like until we’re in the middle of it.  As always, we try our best to distribute the turkeys as equitably as possible. 

If it’s important for your organization to provide turkeys during the holidays, you may want to consider hosting your own turkey drive, as at this time I am unable to determine how many we’re going to have available. 

Let me know if you have any questions.

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