Founded in 1983, United Food Bank’s mission is to provide access to nutritious food through community partnerships, food distribution and education in the greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona. We achieve our mission by providing food and related commodities to people in need through a network of over 250 partner agencies; partnering with emergency food programs and other nonprofits that meet the needs of food-insecure people; providing a system for distributing food and commodities; educating the public about hunger; and providing services with compassion and respect for the clients’ dignity.

As a Feeding America affiliate, United Food Bank is part of a 200-food bank network that provides connections to national food companies.

As part of the Association of Arizona Food Banks, United Food Bank works to disseminate information on poverty and hunger, as well as cooperate on food distribution.

In 2010, United Food Bank relocated to a new facility at 245 S Nina Drive in Mesa. This move enabled us to triple our storage capacity and feed more people.

We still do all of our sorting and volunteer activities at our original location at 358 E Javelina Avenue in Mesa.

United Food Bank’s service area is over 25,000 square miles, approximately 22% of Arizona’s total land area. Approximately 22% of Arizona’s total population is in United Food Bank’s service area.