My name is Sunnie, and my father Eugene, daughter Ariella, and I just had another great experience here. We are all grateful beyond words for United Food Bank and for places like Chandler Care Center. We appreciate the nutritious food and the many other products we receive here. It’s always a surprise to see what’s in our box. It might be cereal, eggs, chicken or perhaps some produce. Sometimes there’s even shampoo or soap. Because I have virtually nothing, you have no idea how much even the smallest item means to me—and to my entire family. Thank you.

Without your generosity and the good people here at the Center, we’d go hungry night after night. To let you know how desperate I’ve been, I’ll tell you this. I once stole cheese so I’d have something to feed my children. I knew it was wrong, but I felt I had no choice. But now because of what we receive here, I no longer need to steal.

I used to have a good job. For seven years I enjoyed working at a day-care center. I was motivated to go to work so I could provide for my family. One day my nine-year-old son was killed in an accident. I didn’t handle his death well then, and I’m still having trouble dealing with his loss today. I’m slowly making my way back. His passing has affected every area of my life. But even through my pain, I’m still able to be grateful for all you do to help families like ours.

You’re opening my eyes to be grateful for what I have.

Now I want to pay your kindness forward. Like so many here, I don’t have the words to express my thanks to you for your big, caring heart. You are so nice…so kind…and so thoughtful. Please accept my thankfulness and the gratitude of my father and family.

In appreciation,