Stories of Hope

Hear from individuals whose lives have been changed by the United Food Bank!



I heard about United Food Bank’s Help Yourself program just recently and came the week before Thanksgiving for a turkey and other food. I am a wheelchair-bound, disabled Vietnam Vet and support my wife and our adult son who is severely mentally ill on very little money. My VA pension went down recently and, some days we don’t know how we are going to make it. Now that I know of this program, we will be back. We are very… Read More


Ed and Margie

We are Ed and Margie and come to United Food Bank’s Help Yourself program nearly every week. For $16, we are able to get a lot of food that we couldn’t get at that price and we make use of everything. If we get bread that has been smushed, we can make bread pudding out of it. Nothing gets wasted. We are both on Social Security and Ed can’t be left alone because of health issues. This food helps feed… Read More



My name is Sunnie, and my father Eugene, daughter Ariella, and I just had another great experience here. We are all grateful beyond words for United Food Bank and for places like Chandler Care Center. We appreciate the nutritious food and the many other products we receive here. It’s always a surprise to see what’s in our box. It might be cereal, eggs, chicken or perhaps some produce. Sometimes there’s even shampoo or soap. Because I have virtually nothing, you… Read More