Helping Hands

An emergency food program, Helping Hands is a resource for “First Responders,” who are regularly first on scene during an emergency or crises, and encounter a family or household without food or immediate food resources. These responders can contact us on behalf of those families and obtain a non-perishable food box, that same day, to help them through their emergency. One box has enough food to take care of a family of four for three days and the number of boxes is determined by the size of the household. With just some basic information about the household, the process is as simple as a phone call to our office or stopping by our warehouse in Mesa, during operating hours.

In addition, this program was expanded to include secondary responders. State/city agencies or contracted service providers who are the next step in assistance for families coming through crises or households of no-to-low income, in need of a variety of resources. These program partners are often in direct contact with families and households, facilitating additional services, and often have first-hand knowledge that a need for food assistance may still exist. When other food resources are not available or accessible, these partners can contact United Food Bank, then pick up and deliver emergency food boxes to these families.

For more information on this program, email