Food for Thought

Our Food for Thought program utilizes our nutritionally balanced food boxes to help children overcome difficulties they may be experiencing in school. The Food for Thought site, which is usually a Title 1 elementary school (free and reduced lunch), works with the students to help them in areas which may be posing an obstacle for their achievement in school. For example, a student who may not turn in homework regularly may be encouraged to turn in homework on time over the course of two weeks at the end of which the student will be given a Food for Thought food box to bring home to his/her family.

This program (1) teaches the student work ethic – there are rewards for meeting goals; (2) helps the child overcome obstacles to learning; (3) improves the child’s self-esteem – he/she is contributing to the family; (4) feeds the child and his/her family; and (5) provides parent/teacher interaction since the parent must come to the school to pick it up.

There are approximately 43 United Food Bank Food for Thought sites. Program partners have reported that the food box recognition has had a positive impact on participation, attendance, improved scores, and parental involvement.

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