United Food Bank is down over a million pounds of food this month

United Food Bank is down over a million pounds of food this month

ARIZONA- April 19, 2012– United Food Bank is calling for the help of the public to fill its empty shelves. In the past three months, they have distributed a record high of 6 million pounds of food- an average of 2 million pounds per month!

While it looks like these numbers are a good sign, getting so much food out the door into the hands of the people who need it, it actually reflects a serious problem. The need has increased so much in the past year that United Food Bank must continue to provide more and more food to meet that rising need.

Donations have dropped off significantly in the month of April- not even reaching half of the amount of food that was distributed in the past 3 months. However, since the need has not decreased in the slightest, United Food Bank is struggling to find more resources to keep up.

“It’s heart-breaking to know that this month, and likely in the summer months to follow, many families will be hurting if we can’t turn this around,” said Bob Evans, President and CEO at United Food Bank. “We need the help of anyone who is able to give- whether it’s one dollar or a hundred dollars-it means the world to us, and to the families we serve.”

The prime growing season for farmers in Arizona is ending, which means the amount of fresh produce United Food Bank is able to receive and distribute is affected tremendously. Fresh food like produce is nearly a third of what United Food Bank provides, and when these resources are gone- they must turn to more nonperishable food items, which are barely trickling in this month.


Ways to Help Today

  • Donate over the phone or online at www.unitedfoodbank.org . Or, mail a check to United Food Bank at 245 South Nina Drive, Mesa, AZ 85210.
  • Drop off food donations to United Food Bank at 245 South Nina Drive, Mesa 85210

Places to Give in the East Valley

  • All Gilbert fire stations or municipal buildings will be accepting food donations for United Food Bank.
  • People are urged to go to any Wal-Mart in the East Valley to make a donation of food.
  • Donate canned goods at any of the 4 Mesa Public Libraries in the month of April. If you have any library fines, each can you donate will remove $1 from your fines.  
  • Go to www.unitedfoodbank.org to see a complete list of off-site food drive locations that can accept food donations for United Food Bank.