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United Food Bank collaborates with more than 220 organizations to distribute food to hungry people in the greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona.

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United Food Bank collaborates with more than 220 organizations to distribute food to hungry people in the greater East Valley and Eastern Arizona. If you are interested in a partnership with United Food Bank, please read our eligibility criteria below.

Eligibility Requirements

  • United Food Bank is an equal opportunity provider and all its partner agencies must adhere to strict non-discrimination guidelines.
  • Must be located within our designated service area.
  • IRS certified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or faith-based equivalent.
  • Have and maintain any and all pertinent business licensing appropriate for your city, county, or state.
  • Meet and maintain any and all necessary health and safety requirements designated by your city, county, or state.
  • Must be incorporated for the purpose of serving the ill, needy, or children.

Application Process

Step 1: If your agency meets the eligibility requirements, please download and complete a New Partner Agency Pre-Application Form.

Pre-applications are evaluated based on need and geographical area.

Step 2: If your pre-application form approved, you will be sent a New Partner Agency Application.

If approved, the Agency Relations team will conduct a site visit, set training dates, and send all required onboarding paperwork.

Please note that completing a pre-application or application form does not guarantee a partnership. United Food Bank reserves the right to refuse partnership to programs/agencies that do not meet established criteria.


HRP-1014A Civil Rights Complaint Grievance



All partner agencies of United Food Bank are required to keep the TEFAP Civil Rights Complaint/Grievance Form available for clients who feel as though they have been discriminated against. Partner agencies’ staff and volunteers will be required to take an annual Civil Rights Training to ensure respectful behaviors are being displayed by all.
HRP-1016A Volunteer Confidentiality Due to volunteers gathering sensitive information from clients, all volunteers are required to sign a Volunteer Confidentiality form in accordance with state and federal laws to keep information protected.
Letter of Proxy For clients who are unable to attend a food distribution, a completed Letter of Proxy gives permission to a family member or friend to receive food for the client. The Letter of Proxy requires a picture ID of the client and family member or friend and remains valid for six months until it needs to be renewed.
HRP-1027A Annual Agency Audit Form Per DES guidelines, United Food Bank requires each partner agency to participate in an annual audit to ensure all safety and compliance regulations are being followed.


Participating grocery retailers have agreed to set aside and donate excess food that has been deemed no longer sellable, but is still safe for human consumption. Donations from grocery retailers, consist of perishable and non-perishable items that improve a member’s nutritional mix, and nonfood household items. If your agency is interested in picking up grocery rescue items, please contact Marc Rosso for info.


Monthly Reporting Instructions

For more information or questions, contact the Agency Relations team at [email protected].

Fillable-TEFAP MIPR 2019-2020

HRP-1013A Sign-in Sheet


Visit our Staff page for contact info for our agency relations team members.